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Appreciate your feet!

Do you ever consider how important your feet are? What would you do without them?

We see lots of people every week with significant foot problems anything from corns, ingrowing toenails to heel pain or knee pain.

What can you do?

The simplest changes can make all the difference. If you are suffering foot pain- think Podiatrist! If you are self diagnosing your foot or leg pain on google- search for a #podiatrist

Here are a few thing #toptips for keeping your feet in tip top condition:

  1. Dry your feet properly especially in between your toes, this will help to avoid fungal infections and cracking and peeling of the skin

  2. Use a Urea based moisturiser on hard skin and cracked heels to avoid painful cracks appearing on the heel.

  3. Get your feet measured, So many of us don’t wear the correct sized footwear and can lead to corns and callus’ forming on the ends of toes and even causing ingrowing toenails

  4. Thin down thick toenails with a file

  5. If your feet are exposed… Use a sunscreen!


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