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Reflexology is a relaxing holistic treatment. The feet are seen as a map of the body. Using reflex points on the feet that connect to corresponding areas throughout the body.

Applying gentle pressure to your feet aims to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body's own healing process, using specialised massage techniques to help correct imbalances throughout the body and help release blocked energy.

Benefits of Reflexology include:

  • Reduced stress

  • Feelings of deep relaxation

  • Increased energy levels

  • The release of endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones (which can also provide pain relief)

  • Improved circulation

  • More efficient removal of impurities and toxins

  • A stronger immune system

  • A sense that the whole body is better balanced and in harmony

£30 (1 hour)

To book call Sally on 07767 794787

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