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Ever wondered what a Podiatrist does?

We diagnose and treat foot problems, including fixing deformities, treating infections, and relieving pain.

Initial visit...

At the initial appointment we will do a full clinical examination of your foot and lower leg to check your blood flow, feeling, sensation and strength and anything else depending on what's needed.

Appointments can include the following:

  • Cut, file and shape nails

  • Remove ingrowing toenails

  • Treat fungal nails

  • Reduce callus

  • Remove corns

  • Treat Verruca’s

  • Help with foot and ankle pain

  • Laser treatment for soft tissue injuries.

  • Offloading pressure areas with paddings

  • Supply orthotics

We also offer advice, treatment plans and education about self care for your feet so you can look after them at home!

If you’d like any more information then please get in touch on 01754 765700 or drop us a message


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