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We are very excited to introduce a brand new treatment for verrucas into the clinic this winter.

Verrucas and warts have always been a problem in adults and children, causing general discomfort and embarrassment. There are many over the counter treatments and myths including using banana skin or salt or even digging them out with a razor blades or scissors (please don’t!)…. But these will all cause scarring and damage to healthy tissue and may not even get rid of the verruca, not to mention being very painful!

In the clinic we have been using a laser, silver nitrate, salicylic acid or needling techniques which can all work over time but we are super excited to share this new plasma treatment with you.

Plasma is a completely new way of treating verrucae. Whereas acid burns a verruca chemically, and both liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) and laser destroy a verruca with thermal energy, plasma works in a unique way using ionized gas. because the treatment is so pinpoint, it means that healthy tissue is not affected, so healing or recovery time of the tissues is shorter.

Small, newer verruca will usually only require one or 2 treatments, whereas larger or more established lesions may require 3 or 4+. With healing time in between treatment of 3-6 weeks, this is still a very cost-effective treatment option. Children respond well with 2-3 weeks between visits. Adults 3-6 weeks. However, as with all other verruca treatments we do not offer a 100% guarantee of success.

What is plasma?

The easiest way to think of plasma is the fourth state of matter. First, there is solid and when this is heated it becomes liquid. When liquid is heated it becomes a gas. When gas is heated, it becomes plasma. If you look up into the sky at night and see stars, they are mainly made of plasma, as is lightening.

The Verruca Pen PE II uses the fourth state of matter: Plasma

When electrical energy is applied to gas it ionizes to become high-energy plasma. In the case of the Verruca Pen PE II® the gas is oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. This plasma is delivered in a concentrated dose using a sterile micro-probe, delivering a consistent and measured electrical charge to trigger an inflammatory response so that the body's immune system destroys the verruca and warts. The high-level dose is a visible spark that effectively destroys the tissue of the epidermis. It can safely remove tissue, while simultaneously cauterising any bleed and causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.


  • Pain free

  • Takes less than one minute

  • No dressing required

  • Doesn’t damage surround skin

  • Minimal or no scaring

More than one treatment is likely to be required for a successful outcome (hopefully no more than 4)

The VPPE is the only pen on the market that has been specifically designed for this treatment.

Please get in touch to book on 01754 765700 or send us a message

Below are some before and after photos.


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